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We are united in our friendship as well as joint vision that each human life is precious and matters greatly.

We believe that everyone deserves a helping hand when it’s needed. 

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We were very blessed to be beneficiaries of the classical music concert hosted by Frist Frisco United Methodist Church. Several very talented Dallas-area musicians had performed at the event. We were able to raise over $12,000 for the needs of the evacuated Odesa orphans.


News from Ossa, Poland.

Seven teens had successfully competed training program with Dallas volunteer Sana Simonenko learning to cut and style hair. Teens had their final examination last night and they did great! Our organization had purchased each of them a set of their own hair-cutting tools so that they can keep cutting hair of other kids from their respective orphanages.


Dear friends, here are news from Sana Simonenko, People to People volunteer, who is currently in Poland helping to care for children evacuated from Odesa region orphanages.

She has two main assignments – caretaker for a group of preschool kiddos and also teaching a class to 7 teens so that they can learn to cut hair. There is hope that they will pursue this as professional education so that they can be self-sufficient and independent adults when they graduate from the orphanage program in a couple of years.

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Sana is saying that the teens are trying hard and doing really well. Once they complete curriculum with her she will gift them with their own set of tools so that they can continue practicing.

As for her – she performs at least 20 haircuts for the kiddos every day herself. Soon she will have some able helpers.

Please join us in prayer for the safety of these children and Sana. And so that plans are made soon for their semi-permanent placement so that they can return to more normal routine and school activities.

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