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Our organization exists with the support of our benevolent volunteers with no paid staff or admin overhead

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People 2 People was founded in the spring of 2020 amidst the Covid 19 pandemic by Lydia Prilutskiy, Sana Simonenko, and Firuza Savchenko. Each of us has been impacted by the topic of adoption either because we ourselves were raised by people other than biological parents, or we have adopted children into our own families. We want to dedicate our lives’ work to eradicating orphanhood and enabling older orphans enter the adulthood prepared, confident, and independent.

Get to Know our Team


Firuza is a Principal Product Manager at Allstate insurance. She is Illinois State and TX A&M alumna. Firuza and her husband Yar adopted Luiza when she was 12 (now 31), and they are parents to Kaitlyn, 12, and Seth, 7. Firuza enjoys training and competing in triathlons and marathons, as well as travelling with family and friends. Her main focus in People 2 People organization is communication, community out reach, and event coordination.


Lydia Prilutskiy and her husband Sergey have two wonderful daughters – Gaby,24, and Maria, who is 14, and a little boy Damian,3. Lydia is a business professional with strong performance record in program and project management for various US corporations. Lydia is an avid reader, world traveler, and animal lover. Lydia’s contribution to People 2 People is her focus on taxes, financial matters, corporate outreach, and legal topics.


Sana Simonenko and her husband Oleg build their family through adoption of two wonderful boys- Nikita, 16, and Nikas- 12. Sana enjoys traveling, listening to good music, reading, socializing, and serving. Sana is extremely creative and driven and owned several successful businesses. She is responsible for volunteer outreach, special events, beauty school training curriculum for teenage orphans, and orphanage outreach.


Yuliya is a mom of three Boys, Ayden 15, Travis 8 and Carter 4, as well as a big pet lover with two dogs and a cat. Yuliya is a certified Yoga Trainer and has a passion for spreading love, kindness and mindfulness around her. She is an Executive Assistant at Capital One and partners with multiple leaders and influencer within Administrative Professional Network. Her main focus in People 2 People organization is community outreach, event organization and coordination, as well as digital design for promo materials.


Olga is a mom of four children, a wife, a dancer and a front end web dev & designer. Her main focus in People 2 People organization is web, integrations, Seach Console, Google registration and so on. Contact me at