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Our Completed Projects

12/30/22: Raised funds for power generator for home-style orphanage in Krivoy Rog. Waiting for invoice and delivery

12/26/22: Paid for 500 lb of humanitarian aid from Dallas to Poland (air carrier fees) containing small Christmas gifts and cold/ flu medication for Odessa orphans in Ossa, Poland

12/20/22: Provided $1,000 for groceries for 200 orphans in Lviv

12/20/22: Provided $1,500 for cold/ flu and antibiotics for 200 orphans in Lviv

12/19/22: Provided $1,000 to buy groceries for home-style orphanage in Krivoy Rog

12/15/22: Send $1,000 for December and January apprenticeship stipend for Odessa orphanage teenagers trained to cut hair for other orphans (12 teens, get paid $3 per hair cut; $500 monthly total for all)

Meet the Team

Our organization exists with the support of our benevolent volunteers with no paid staff or admin overhead

Over 700 children were evacuated from Odessa and Odessa region orphanages of Ukraine  in March of 2022. One of the biggest charitable foundations in Poland made it possible with the help from the United Nations organization. Children were lucky to not be separated and housed all together in a large conference center outside of Warsaw. More children were moved from Odessa since then and now the total number is over 800.

Polish hosts are doing a lot to ensure these kids have access to healthcare and other basic necessities. However, as the war continues, it’s becoming harder for people of Poland and their government to continue providing support for these children and millions of other Ukrainian refugees. Humanitarian aid from other European countries is less frequent and doesn’t cover all the children as 800 is a lot.

There is an ongoing need for supplemental groceries to add to the basic meals prepared by the convention center cafeteria as food is mostly prepared from processes ingredients to keep the cost down to ensure there is enough for all kids. Meals are starting to lack taste, nutrition, and vitamin variety, as well sometimes its things little kids don’t want to eat (spicy dishes, for example).

We would like to be able to provide additional groceries such as fresh vegetables and fruit, dairy products and meats, as well as hot cereal/ kashas. There are volunteers in Poland who are able to obtain these items in bulk and deliver them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

In addition to groceries and food, these children need non-prescription cold and flu medication as they are constantly sharing these viral diseases with each other.

Lastly, as supplies of second-hand clothing donations from Europe becoming less- kids need clothes and shoes on a regular basis as well as they are wearing them off and outgrowing them constantly.

We estimate the weekly cost of supplemented groceries for 800 to be $3,000.

Please consider donating some amount toward this need on a consistent basis. We are also looking for churches, business, and other organizations who would be willing to sponsor a specific week (or weeks) of groceries during the upcoming year. Please help us spread the word.