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Over 800 Ukrainian orphans from Odessa fled the war

800+ kids from Odessa region orphanages currently live in evacuation all together outside of Warsaw, Poland. They require ongoing assistance with funds for food/ groceries, hygiene items, and non-prescription medication. Polish government and polish charities who welcomed this large group of kids from Odessa are doing so much on the regular basis, but their resources are starting to dwindle down given the large number of refugees that still pass-through Poland or stay there. To supplement meals and other essentail needs for these children the weekly budget is $3,000. 

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Our Current Focus

Support for 800+  Ukrainian orphans from Odessa region currently evacuated to Ossa, Poland

Support for 200+ Ukrainian orphans from Zaporozhye, Kherson, and Mykolaev region evacutated to Lviv (Western Ukraine)

Support for family-style orphanage in Krivoy Rog (12 children)

Support for 80 orphaned infants evacuated from Odessa to Lithuthenia

who we are

People 2 People Foundation is a 503 (c) charitable human services organization registered in Wylie, Texas, USA. We do not have an office or paid employees. All the work for our charity is done by volunteers who are not compensated for their help or services. Every dollar we raise- goes toward helping our assistance recipients. Our volunteers are mostly located in USA (Dallas-area, New York, Illinois, and California mostly), with some in Europe.

We serve orphans and orphanage graduates in all countries as long as there is a personal relationship and accountability with a mentor, representative from another registered charity, or orphanage staff.

So far we had worked with orphans from Ukraine, Russia, and Uzbekistan.

How We Help

Our mission is eradication of orphanhood and preparation of children for successful and independent life after aging out of foster care and orphanage system.

We support and sponsor projects that help orphans and oprphange graduates with gaining professional skills, becoming more self-reliant, as well as we provide mitigation for a temporary difficulut life sitations (health or mental health assistance, resources for teen parenting skills, food and utlities assistance). 

P.S. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, we had shifted our assistanship to mostly Ukrainian orphans and their essential needs. We hope to resume our focus on education and proactive initiatives with all orphnages and orphanage grads who require our assistnace from other countries as well once the peace in Ukraine is restored. 

We Have the Power to Impact the Life of Children, and We’re Doing Something About It

Meet the Team

Our organization exists with the support of our benevolent volunteers with no paid staff or admin overhead